Kabuki Makeup Brush - Revlon

Great coverage in a single swish

With a tall, wide head that's slanted just so, our kabuki brush seamlessly applies loose or pressed powders for a pretty polish.
  • The big shot of brushes! It's large enough to sweep powder all across your skin in seconds
  • Its shape, size, and softness make the brush ideal for dusting on loose or pressed powders, bronzer, and even mineral makeup powders
  • Our first kabuki makeup brush with patent-pending TRX3™, a custom fiber that mimics natural hair for superior, long-lasting performance (it's vegan, and kind to all skin types!)
  • We gave all of our makeup brushes an antibacterial coating to help keep them clean (just in case you slack on washing them)
  • Tested by makeup artists
  • The densely packed bristles of our kabuki brush can pick up more powder than a fluffy face brush, so use a light hand when dipping the brush into powder
  • Swirl the brush into a loose or pressed powder—including bronzers and mineral makeup powders—then tap the handle to remove any excess
  • Whisk it around your face using circular motions, and don't press the bristles too hard into your skin
  • You can also use our kabuki makeup brush to dust powder bronzer or highlighter along your neck, shoulders, upper chest—anywhere you want to glow!

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