Buffing Makeup Foundation Brush - Revlon

Flawless, full coverage for liquid & powder formulas

This buffing foundation brush creates a polished, seamless finish in seconds, melting powder or liquid foundation into skin for a poreless effect.
  • Use our ultrasmooth foundation-buffing brush for liquid or powder foundation—it blends in either formula beautifully for pristine full coverage
  • Our face makeup brushes have an antibacterial coating to help keep them clean (just in case you slack on washing them)
  • Made with vegan, synthetic bristles that are kind to all skin types
  • Tested by makeup artists
  • For liquid foundation, load a drop or two of the formula onto the tops of the bristles
  • For powder foundation, sweep the brush through the formula, then tap the brush handle to shake off excess powder (you can always add more later) 
  • To evenly apply either formula, swirl the foundation brush over your face starting from the center—forehead, nose, chin, and inner cheeks—and blend your way out
  • Or, with the liquid foundation, pat a dot on your forehead, nose, chin, and each cheek, then whisk the brush across your skin in circular motions to blend

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