Unites colours and textures in perfect harmony

Your trusty sidekick for seamless blending of shadows and liners! This eye shadow brush whisks away telltale edges on creams and powders.
  • Long, gentle bristles in our blending eye shadow brush diffuse pigments so colors have a soft-focus finish
  • The slanted head contours around all eye shapes to blend away streaks, edges, and caking
  • Our eye makeup brushes have an antibacterial coating to help keep them clean (just in case you slack on washing them)
  • Made with vegan, synthetic bristles that are kind to all skin types
  • Tested by makeup artists
  • Apply a cream or powder eye shadow on your lids, then lightly swish the blending eye shadow brush back and forth over the lines where the color stops—usually at your crease or brow bone and at the outer corners of your eyes—to fade the edges into a soft haze
  • If you're using more than two shades on your lids, repeat this step for every hue you apply so there are no obvious lines between colors
  • When using the brush along your lid's crease, swish it back and forth several times
  • To give pencil or cream eyeliner a smoky finish, gently sweep the brush back and forth over the lines

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