SkinLights Face Glow Illuminator - Revlon

Liquid highlighter that does it all. The 3 in 1 formula can be used as primer, highlighter, or a glow booster.

Sunrise Luster (300)

Revlon Skinlights Face Glow Illuminator is the liquid highlighter that does it all. This 3 in 1 format can be used as primer, highlighter, or a glow booster to recreate a lit from within glow.

  • Revlon SkinLights liquid highlighter instantly brightens and illuminates the skin
  • Refined peal pigments capture light for reflective radiance
  • Slim nozzle tip for precise application
  • Use alone, as a highlighter or bronzer, or mix with your favorite foundation for enhanced reflection
  • Use alone as a skin booster for the days when you'd rather go foundation free 
  • Dab on with fingers on your forehead, cheeks, collarbones, shoulders, legs- virtually anywhere you want to show off
  • Mix with foundation for a glow boost that makes them wonder just how much sleep you've been getting lately

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