Get salon-fabulous feet—from your sofa

Bring the salon to your place with our multitasking pedicure tool that effortlessly whisks away calluses and smoothes your feet to total perfection.
  • 190 stainless steel micro-files safely shave away calluses and dead skin
  • The catcher compartment snaps up all the dead skin, so you get no-mess smoothing
  • Ergonomic design gives you great grip
  • Includes a nail clipper and a mini finishing file (for further smoothing) to complete your at-home pedicure kit
  • Use only on clean, dry skin
  • Open the Pedi-Expert™ and snap the stainless steel micro-files into the cover
  • Hold the Pedi-Expert™ in the palm of your hand and press gently against the area you want to smooth (starting at the thickest area of dead skin), then slowly slide it back and forth, lengthwise
  • When you're done, remove the top cover and empty the shavings
  • Use the finishing file to further smooth your feet and for maintenance between treatments

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