What shade should I use if I am touching up between colors?

If you are just touching up, use Revlon Root Erase to match your current color, even if it’s not a Revlon color.

Will permanent haircolor lighten another permanent haircolor? 

Do not use a lighter hair color product in an attempt to correct your darker hair color results. Hair color products cannot lift or lighten a previously dyed hair color. Using more color will only make the hair darker.

My hair is too light, can I try a darker shade?

We recommend going darker gradually. Stay within two shade levels of your natural hair color and gradually go darker. 

Can you help me find an equivalent shade to my current brand?

We will be happy to provide you a shade recommendation. Click here to send us an email via our Contact Us Page.

Where can I buy my favorite haircolor?

Revlon Haircolor is available at mass market retailers, drugstores and supermarkets nationwide. We do not sell our products directly. To find a store in your area, click the following linkStore Locator

To locate a specific product, please return to our website and click on the product you are interested in. Find the shade you are looking to purchase and select it. You will have a choice to buy from authorized on-line retailers.

My haircolor did not turn out the way I wanted.  How can I correct? 
We have a few solutions for you below if your hair is in healthy condition.



The color turned out too dark.

If you don’t want to wait for the color to fade naturally, try a clarifying shampoo the day after you color. It will help some of the color wash out, leaving you with a slight lighter tone. If you want to remove your dark color in a more visual and quicker way, try a hair color remover product which will lighten your haircolor one level.

The color turned out too light.

Get a box of the same brand one shade darker and re-color. Follow insert directions. Check your color every 5 minutes and rinse when you think the color is dark enough. Make sure to do your color preview test and allergy test.

The color is too red.

Get a box of the same brand with Ashy brown color that is the same color level as you have used before. Make sure to do your color preview test and allergy test.

Follow insert directions. If you want to neutralize reddish/orange deviation keep the color on your hair for just 5-10 minutes. The color will be toned down.

My hair is predominately gray.  What should I use?

All of our permanent haircolor products are 100% gray coverage. If you have resistant gray, let the haircolor process an additional 5 minutes following insert instructions.

What will my color result be?

We recommend a color preview test prior to coloring.Snip just a strand of your hair that no one will see. Follow the instructions inside the box on completing a color preview test and allergy test. 

Can I perm and color my hair the same day?

Wait at least 14 days to apply the color after your hair has been permed. Before coloring, follow the instructions for a color preview and allergy test. Perms can leave hair more porous on your mid/ends, so follow the retouch application, less exposure time on your ends.

How many boxes of haircolor do I need?

If your hair is longer than your shoulders or very thick, you may need two boxes to fully saturate your hair. We recommend mixing one box at time.

Can haircolor be used on bleached or highlighted hair? 

We suggest that you wait at least 14 days between applications. Follow the instructions for the color preview test, allergy test, and retouch application, less exposure time on your mid/ends. As a result, the highlights will be less predominant. If dark shade is used, highlights will be covered and will appear after several shampoos.

Do I need to shampoo before I color?

Do not shampoo immediately before coloring unless hair is heavily soiled. Wait at least 24 hours between shampooing and coloring.

Can haircolor be applied to wet or dry hair?

Haircolor should be applied to dry hair. 

When Can You Shampoo After Coloring?

You may apply a shampoo before after color conditioner included in the kit  if you feel shampooing is necessary. We would recommend using a shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair or a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.”

Can I mix shades?

We do not recommend mixing shades. The shades have been specially formulated to provide the best match to what is shown on the box.

When should I start timing my hair color application?

Once you have finished applying your hair color, you should start timing.

Can I use my own conditioner instead of the conditioner in the hair color box?

We recommend the conditioner in the box as it has been specifically tested for use with hair color to help create softness and shine.

Your instructions say to apply the after-color conditioner after rinsing the color out but it doesn’t say anything about shampooing.  Do I shampoo before I use the after-color conditioner?

We recommend rinsing the color out completely and then applying the after-color conditioner.If needed, you can shampoo any time before the conditioning process.

What is the shelf life on haircolor?

Test results confirm that Revlon products typically have a shelf life of at least 3 years and do not require expiration dates. Once the bottles have been opened and closed with the cap, we recommend that you use them within 48 hours – Just enough time to do the color preview and allergy test!

How do I dispose of haircolor?

  • Follow applicable Local and State Regulations for disposal.
  • Do not dispose down sewer systems.
  • Disposal in a properly regulated landfill is acceptable.

Can I use the haircolor on my eyebrows?

We don’t recommend using the haircolor on eyebrows or facial hair. We have many great Revlon eyebrow products. Click here to see a list of our products.

Can I use this product while pregnant and/or breastfeeding? 

We recommend that you consult your physician.

Can I swim after I color or highlight my hair?

You can swim once the color process is complete, but we recommend that you shampoo immediately after swimming.