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Blonde (265)
Blonde (265)
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Looking for a painless alternative to microblading—that gives your brows an instant lift, as well? This easy, ultra-fine dual-ended marker and highlighter is exactly what you’ve been waiting for.
  • This simple dual-ended eyebrow marker lifts and highlights brows with a formula that feels lightweight but adds natural-looking fullness to eyebrows (it’s especially ideal for sparse brows)
  • The eyebrow marker end draws ultra-fine, hair-like strokes with microblade precision; we designed this marker so the ink flows smoothly through the tip, for fluid and natural-looking lines 
  • The universally flattering highlighter on the opposite end of the marker gives your brows the look of an instant lift—and it truly suits all skin tones
  • The spring-loaded cushion sprinkles your brow bones with smooth, shimmery powder that blends like a dream
  • Available in 4 shades, for every colour of eyebrow
  • Filling in your eyebrows for perfectly defined, natural-looking fullness could not be easier:
  • Step 1: Make like an artist and draw dozens of tiny hair-like lines throughout your brows, working from the inner corners outward. Always follow the natural direction of your hair growth with your etchings. So, at the inner corners, move in an upward motion, and then switch to diagonal and horizontal flicks as you move outward
  • Step 2: Give your eyebrows a lift by flipping the pen over and pressing the highlighter-infused cushion tip into your brow bones and blending the color along the lower parts of your arches

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