One step to super-curled lashes

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Get gorgeously curled eyelashes in one squeeze with our innovative, 3-tiered curler, with lash pads that interlock at 3 points to curl your eyelashes in 3 places at once.
  • Create dramatic curled eyelashes in just one squeeze; this triple-stepped curler is designed to interlock upper and lower pads along your eyelashes in 3 places
  • What’s the difference? Ordinary eyelash curlers can only grip one point of your lashes at a time, this one crimps three at once! With this innovative eyelash curler, there’s no more need to use multiple squeezes to get amped up lashes, just one and you’re done
  • It may sound intense, but this eyelash curler is gentle on your lashes and won’t pull or tug. We use a soft, latex-free lower padding and a rigid upper padding to gently, but effectively curl your eyelashes
  • First thing’s first, make sure you curl your eyelashes before applying any mascara. Think of it like hairspray for your lashes, swiping on a coat of mascara after will lock in and hold your freshly curled eyelashes
  • A little known pro tip is to curl your lashes towards the beginning of your beauty routine (yes, even before foundation) so that you can open up your eyes and assess your makeup moves from there
  • To curl your lashes, position the eyelash curler’s red pads near the base of your upper lashes, avoiding your actual eyelid
  • Gently (but firmly!) squeeze the handles of the eyelash curler together for 5 seconds and release. And remember, only one squeeze is needed with this curler
  • Finish with Revlon So Fierce!™ Mascara for extra bold lashes

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