• Revlon Crazy Shine™ to Go Nail Buffer
    Revlon Crazy Shine™ To Go Nail Buffer delivers the same outrageous shine as the full size version in a convenient travel size. Get 400% shinier than bare nails in just 10 seconds each. Topcoat shine that lasts for up to 3 days. Pack of two.
  • CrazySHINE™ Nail Buffer
    Revlon Crazy SHINE™ Nail Buffer
    Revolutionary nail buffer creates 400% more shine than bare nails. Buff nails to a topcoat shine in a matter of seconds…results that last for 3 days.
  • Compact Emery Boards
    Convenient, travel size emery boards
    Double-sided to shape and smooth
  • Compact Emeryl™ File
    Unique Emeryl™ material helps prevent splitting
    One side shapes, the other smoothes
  • Crystal File
    This double sided glass file won't wear down and is gentle on nails.
  • Expert Shapers for Weak Nails
    One side shapes, the other smoothes
    Specifically designed for weak nails
  • Nail Clip
    Curved blades fit nails for safe trimming
    Long, contoured handles assure a firm grip
  • Speed Buff™
    "Sand Mist" grains buff away ridges and stains
    Provides a brilliant, long lasting shine